Banner : Jubileumsbanner 2025, 7672

Jubileumsbanner for  300 x 100 cm.

Klippet fra vår leverandørs sider: «The next Jubilee will be in 2025 and there is great expectation among the faithful all over the world.
It is the second with Pope Francis, after the extraordinary one 10 years ago. Pilgrims of hope is the motto the ponti  adopted for the 2025 Jubilee, with the desire to revive the spirit and sense of community of Catholics and others around the world, after diffcult years of suffering, hardship and isolation.
The Jubilee is a year of special grace, in which the Catholic Church o  ers the possibility to ask for a plenary indulgence, i.e. the forgiveness of sins for oneself or one’s deceased family members. Plus, it is an opportunity to reconnect with one’s faith and with others in a spiritual celebration of reconciliation.
The Jubilee runs from just before Christian Christmas to the Epiphany, that is, from December 2024 to January 2026.»

Beregnet på stativ 5036.

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